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Greg's story

Hello and welcome, I’m Greg and I work in partnership with you to help you alleviate mood disorders, improve your cognitive health and boost your performance with the overall aim of enabling you to realise your professional and life goals. 

I achieve this with a fusion of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Reiki to create a truly personalised health plan. With past experience of overwhelm, which resulted in a poor diet and lifestyle, leading to poor stress management, periods of anxiety, brain fog and low mood and energy, I know first-hand how effective these modalities can be to restore balance and improve health.

My passion for health began early. When I was about 5 years old, my mum suffered with regular migraines. To help her feel better whenever she experienced a migraine, I would lay her down, place a coin on her forehead and ask her to close her eyes, which always made her feel better. At 18 however, I joined the Royal Marines, where I served for 10 years before rejoining ‘Civvie Street’.

Some years later I was introduced to Reiki, and was blown away by how effectively it worked on an injury I had sustained. This experience reignited my passion for healing and I started to study Reiki, eventually becoming a Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher. During this time I was also introduced to Shamanism and spent a further 4 years training to be a shamanic practitioner.

The wisdom I gained led me to study Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition for the next 4 years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, followed by Functional Medicine. I continue to attend courses, conferences, workshops, seminars, and other advanced training with the best practitioners and doctors in their field so I can best apply my knowledge and skills to enhance your health, happiness and vitality.

Qualifications & Training:

  • The Proctor Gallagher Institute 'Turn Thinking Into Results' 6 Month Program, 2016

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP), 2015

  • Diploma in Naturopathy, College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), 2015

  • Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), 2014

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course, 2014

  • Reiki Master, 2013 and Reiki Master Teacher, 2014

  • 2013 - 2016 Shamanic Reiki Professional Practitioner training in the Swiss Alps with Jacqueline Teoh

  • Sacred Trust’s ‘Three-Year Professional Shamanic Practitioner Training’, 2010-2012, and one year prior study with the Sacred Trust 2009 


Professional registrations and memberships:

  • Association for Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP)  

  • Member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)

  • Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)  

  • Registered with the General Naturopathic Council (GNC)

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