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What to expect

A number of appointments are recommended to enable sustainable changes to be made and improvements in symptoms to be achieved. We will work together to develop your personalised Health Plan based on your health goals which will be adjusted at each appointment based on your progress.

1. Before your initial consultation

Prior to your appointment, you’ll receive a consultation pack which will contain: 

  1. A 3-day food diary

  2. New Client Form

  3. Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ)

These forms will contain questions about: 

  • Your diet

  • The symptoms you’re experiencing

  • Medical history, including any diagnosed conditions

  • Any treatments, medications and/or supplements you may be having/using 

  • Lifestyle factors including sleep, stress and exercise

It’s important to complete these forms as fully as possible to understand all the possible factors that may be contributing to your health concerns, however unrelated they may appear, and to maximise the time during the initial consultation.

If you have had laboratory testing done elsewhere, please send in advance or bring copies with you to your initial consultation.


2. Initial Consultation (approx. 90 minutes)

During the initial consultation, we will review the information you have provided and there may be further questions to gain a deeper understanding.  Your Body Mass Index (BMI) and Hip-to-Waist ratio will also be measured if relevant.

We will then work together to create an individualised health plan that you can integrate immediately into your life. The plan will take into consideration the key factors that proceeded, triggered and are driving your symptoms, and will include both dietary and lifestyle recommendations including exercise, sleep and stress reduction if applicable.

Supplements and additional laboratory testing may also be recommended if necessary for greater understanding of potential imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms. Mind-interventions and/or referral to other relevant practitioners may also be considered as part of a fully integrated approach.

You are under no obligation to purchase supplements or additional laboratory tests.  The costs and benefits of any tests will be fully explained to you, and only recommended if they will positively impact improvement.


Read more about laboratory testing.


3. Your Personalised Health Plan

At the end of your initial consultation, a basic plan will be issued to enable you to implement some simple changes straight away.

Based on the information provided and the discussion in the initial consultation, a highly detailed, fully personalised plan will be sent to you within three working days. This will also allow for any further research to be undertaken.

Your Personalised Health Plan will include:

  • Customised nutrition and lifestyle advice

  • Recipes and meal ideas tailored to you, your circumstances and your budget

  • 20% discount on recommended supplements delivered to your door when ordered through Amrita Nutrition or The Natural Dispensary websites

  • Telephone/email support (weekly/fortnightly) throughout your package


4. Follow-up Appointment (60 minutes)

Follow-up appointments will be approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart depending on your plan and individual health goals.

During these appointments we will discuss your progress and the results of any laboratory results.  We will then agree amendments or additions to your health plan and future appointments.


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