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Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Advanced functional testing may be recommended to fully understand the imbalances that may be contributing to your ill health. I am fully trained and qualified to interpret test results which will inform your detailed, customised plan to improve your health.

There are a wide range of tests available which include:

  • Adrenal Stress Profile

  • Comprehensive Cardiovascular Assessment

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis

  • Female and Male Hormone Panels

  • Full Thyroid Panel

  • Food Allergy, Intolerance and Sensitivity testing

  • Nutrient & Toxic Elements Profile

  • Optimal Nutritional Evaluation

  • DNA testing


Tests involve taking a sample of one of the following:

  • Blood

  • Breath

  • Saliva

  • Stool

  • Urine

Please note that laboratory tests are not included in the consultation price.

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